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Hands-on, guided coaching and training to help your scrum team adopt, implement, and succeed with scrum. From newbie scrum teams to mature product development teams, we’ve got a tailor made solution that helps you build a professional, high-performance Scrum team.

Un-f*ck your Scrum.

Scrum coach

Beginner teams

Adopt, implement and begin to succeed with Scrum. Mastering the fundamentals.

intermediate teams

Control, alt, delete on bad habits and aligning the team with professional scrum practices and processes.

Mature teams

Instilling advanced Scrum skills, knowledge and practices to help the the team evolve to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I have two delivery formats, depending on your requirements. I can do in-person coaching at your organization or live, online coaching via video with your team. On-to-one and one-to-many team coaching, as well as leadership coaching.

My work lends itself well to teams and organizations who want to get work done. That’s the starting point, getting things done. From there it is a process of continuous improvement that aligns with the metrics and outcomes that are most important to your team or company. So the outcomes you can expect are aligned with what the most valuable need or requirement is for your organization in the first 90 days.

I have been a project manager and I have been an agile / scrum practitioner. I have worked in the trenches and my work as both an agile practitioner and agile coach is to help walk teams through the processes, deeply understand the concepts and philosophies that underpin Scrum, and help them improve with each iteration. I know this stuff incredibly well and I’ve lived and breathed Scrum as a coach, consultant, and Professional Scrum Trainer. I’ve got this.

Yes I do! I have trained over 1,200 people at this point and am proud to be a Professional Scrum Trainer with Scrum.Org. I provide Professional Scrum Training as well as bespoke Agile training (by request) over at Pragmatic Shift, check out my latest training offers there!

Work with a deeply experienced, proven Scrum Coach.


improving your team

Adopting scrum effectively 95%
Mastering the fundamentals of Scrum 100%
Using data and evidence to inform decision-making 97%

Primary Focus for 2023

Newbie scrum

Scrum coaching services provide valuable guidance and support to beginner Scrum teams, helping them adopt, implement, and progress with Scrum in a product development environment.

Scrum is an iterative and incremental framework that enables teams to deliver high-quality products while embracing change and maintaining a focus on continuous improvement.

I play a vital role in helping teams understand the principles and practices of Scrum and navigate the complexities of agile development.

This overview will provide you with some insights into what you can anticipate.

main features

  1. Agile Scrum Fundamentals: Coaching begins by introducing Scrum fundamentals to the beginner teams. This includes explaining the Scrum framework, its roles (such as Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Development Team), events (like Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-ups, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective), and artifacts (such as Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, and Increment). I help clarify the purpose of each element and provide guidelines on their effective implementation.

  2. Team Formation and Collaboration: Coaching helps teams establish a strong foundation by focusing on team formation and collaboration. I assist in creating self-organizing and cross-functional teams, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and promoting effective communication and collaboration within the team. I guide the teams in establishing an environment of trust and shared accountability.

  3. Scrum Practices and Techniques: I support teams in understanding and applying Scrum practices and techniques. I provide guidance on conducting effective Sprint Planning sessions, facilitating Daily Stand-ups, conducting Sprint Reviews, and facilitating Sprint Retrospectives. I also help teams with backlog management, user story refinement, and creating valuable and achievable Sprint goals.

  4. Agile Estimation and Planning: I assist teams in adopting agile estimation techniques such as relative sizing, story points, and planning poker. I help teams understand the importance of creating realistic and achievable plans, breaking down work into manageable tasks, and continuously refining estimates based on feedback and learning. I also guide teams in creating and maintaining a prioritized Product Backlog.

  5. Continuous Improvement: As a scrum coach, I emphasize the value of continuous improvement and assist teams in implementing practices like Sprint Retrospectives. I facilitate retrospectives to encourage open and honest feedback, identify areas for improvement, and develop actionable plans to address them. I support teams in experimenting with process changes, adapting practices, and fostering a culture of continuous learning.

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